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Back   Perceiving These Sounds
    The examples presented in this portfolio are stereo (two-channel) reductions of the original composition. In order to accurately observe their original quality, it would be necessary to have an array of multiple speakers surrounding the listener and special playback equipment. In most cases, it would also be important to have actors performing the dialogue or action the sound or music accompanied.

When listening to these examples, it is important to have first reviewed any provided paperwork. In particular, the sound cue paperwork for each portfolio entry provides a record of what scene, page, and character’s line the sound was intended for. When available, the diagram showing the speaker arrangement in relation to the stage is very useful for imagining how the sounds or music existed in the theatrical space. This information with an available script allows the reviewer to listen to the example sound or music while reading the lines or action it accompanied.

By observing this information, one can begin to form an opinion of the success of the design. However, there is not an accurate way of reproducing these examples without hearing them in surround sound within a theatrical space as part of the production.