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“A sound designer’s work is often so subtle that it can be difficult to notice it at all, let alone articulate why it’s exceptional. That’s a cruel paradox of sound design: when the work is good, people tend to accept it as a natural part of a production. It’s only when something fails — a microphone shorts out, a speaker whines with feedback — that audiences are guaranteed to notice”
Blankenship, Mark. "Making Noise Behind The Scenes."
The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia. 1 June 2008. 20 July 2009

I have included copies of reviews generated by productions.  It is important to note that sound design rarely gets mentioned in detail in critiques of a theatrical performance.  In my opinion, there are several potential reasons for this. Sound and music are ephemeral by nature and therefore are difficult to describe in objective ways. Second, if elements of sound design from a production are mentioned in detail in a review it could be because they stand in contrast to the production because they are inferior or superior compared to the other production elements. Third, the product of sound design exists in the air and occurs in time and cannot be studied visually for an extended period of time in the way costumes, set pieces, or even lighting can. These reviews and announcements do serve as an excellent way to understand the nature of the production and how the elements presented in this portfolio complemented the production.