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MAX UNDERSTOOD is our theatrical and musical experience of autism that will premiere at the New York Musical Theatre Festival in just two months.

You can help send MAX UNDERSTOOD to New York City! If just 300 of you donated $50 each, we’d be able to fund our entire production. Truly, every little or large amount will be of huge value to us. Your donations, designated for MAX UNDERSTOOD, will be collected by the non-profit New York Musical Theatre Festival and are tax-deductible.

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We raised the required deposit of $5,000 in just two weeks through generous donations. Now we need another $15,000! You will be directly supporting our extremely talented company of artists and technicians. Your donation will help us bring to a larger audience the experience of living with autism.

Don't be alarmed if you continue to see "0 donated, 0 raised" on our FB cause page. Our donation button sends you directly to the place where your gift can benefit our project specifically. We will send you updates of our progress.

Please support us in this endeavor! Contact me.

We are fine-tuning the script and adding songs. Here's a new one for you to listen to. Click here to listen to others.


  Max loves Mount Rushmore and meets Albert the fact spouting kid, who also seems to know a bunch about the subject. Max "sings" using the facts from his electronic president toy. Additional lyrics and vocal by Kevin Turner.